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To the council, or appropriate senior members:

I've been working hard lately on personal things (job search, helicopter school, social organizations, etc.) and may not be able to play in the servers regularly. I want to offer my services to the group, however, in any way that I can reasonably execute. I should be able to give about 20 minutes of time every few days. I may end up playing for 6 hours some day, or perhaps never in a week. Let me know what I can do.

In the short time getting to know the organization, I have come to feel as though it is a social community. It seems as though eGO is a group of people that value the things I value in a complex game, and I wish to help this community sustain and grow.
The main thing you can do right now is hop on the servers when they are low on numbers. If you can, leave your computer on if you're helping fill servers but need to leave. I'm sure someone can give you something to do - I appreciate the offer!

Wait for another advisor or council member to reply and see if they need anything specific.

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