I am back

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Baron Rojo

EGO Is My Life!
TO video Gaming everyone , so you shall see me on DoD , CSS , TF2 All the damn time now.

and also Cookifreak is coming back , i would like for his admin to be reactivated again.

When am not on he will be playing in his account , i will have him PM his steam id to slayer and get him set up.

i will see you all in the battlefield.



Poster Extraordinaire
Nice to have you back, Rojo. Da Pineapple is back....!

BTW on a side note. I "jailbroke" my iPod touch, and now when it resprings (reboots) on power on, it displays a pineapple with a bite out of it. I immediately thought of you, heh, heh!

Welcome back, bud.
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