Kalt Analysis (Newbie guide to kalt) (or just another point of view to help you in the 3rd server)

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Kalt Analysis (Newbie guide to kalt) (or just another point of view to help you in the 3rd server)

Lets discuss the different tactics and analysis that you made about kalt so far

here is mine:

especially k98,with its one shot kill(mostly) is extremely useful on the ground level fighting with the range advantage. the ground level is a total chaos with the rifles if you can aim it good(be sure to use ironsight if you wanna take down mgs or snipers because if you miss you're down)


is really useful in pushing the enemy and holding the enemy back in the sewers because of a lot of zig-zags the combat range is perfect

seriously support mid range is good in the sewers!!! from one end to the other end of the zig-zag

also assault is actually really useful in blocking the enemy movement in the wheel house(aka the middle house etc) because of the small rooms and its a close ranged weapon(not counting the random thompson headshots in sniper distances)

Mg's are good at blocking the passing from the bridge way by deploying to the houses near the second flag

especially allies have an advantage because the mg's are behind the light and electric poles when you try to hit them with a rifle + allies have 2 windows looking towards the bridge and 3 windows to the 2nd flag

axis has 1 to bridge 3 to 2nd flag which makes the axis defence a little bit weaker...

also an mg deployed on either sides base flag is a good defence tactic because of both the ways from the bridge(2nd flag and the alley thing) joins in to the same road so its not 2 different way to look at

mg deployed under the bridge or under the wheel house is a good way to stop the enemy movement in the sewers to your side(useful if you deploy it on their side of the middle so you can pretty much be behind them)


hmm don't really know how to start snipers and rifles do the same job on kalt till: one team gets pinned down at one flag! then the attacking teams snipers has to be really careful to take out the other teams hidden players(!!! extreme caution if you are a axis sniper because allies kinda camouflage in the walls and terrain better than axis)

also a good sniper positioned at the exits of the wheel house is a good way to stop the way from the alley


well to be honest no body is playing with rocket in kalt because of the missing sidearms
which shows and proves the decision of taking out the sidearm from the rocket was a good idea

sorry don't really have any tactics to rockets because i totally suck at rocket :D



if you cant pass through an enemy move around him there are 3 ways: bridge, wheel house, sewers. and for and alternative way alleys parallel to the second flags...

allies can take good cover by using the walls and steps to houses(actually there is a house looking right to the 1st axis flag which has steps in front of it makes you pretty much invisible from a distance) its their color advantage in the map...

always be aware of your teammates around you and check the map when someone dies because you might be heading towards the same way that the guy before you just got mg killed at...

wheel house enterance to the sewers is a good way if you just cant get rid of that mg camping at the bottom

??? this is a personal tactic that i use i don't know how many of you approve this but:
try not to throw random grenades at the sewers because it will make your enemy realize that someone is coming towards him, or waiting for him right around the corner...

??? another tactic that i might suggest is if you really really want to win that round and the enemy is defending the sewer exits really good; prime your nade and jump out from the ladder you might kill(suicide nade) a sniper or mg thats preventing your team to move further


yes when you spend too much time on that server by yourself, 1-2-3 guys or with 31 other players you figure out bunch of things

enjoy the new server guys

PS: gonna add some key nade(rifle mainly for bouncing) throwing spots when i'm done with taking screenshots
ROM, Excellent Tactical Knowledge, to help you out, I've been working on screen shots:
HERE is the MAP of KALT

The American Side:

The Bridge

The REAL Kalt Today.

Another view of Bridge from German side

Hold this bridge and you can win, hold the sewer at this point as well

Its also a very good idea to have someone watch the wheelhouse exits, unless you have both streets controlled. I dont know how many times yesterday I came around the rear of bridge via wheelhouse and shovelled/punched dudes who werent watching their backs.
Very thorough. Nice job man. I believe that good MGs are the absolute key to Kalt. Since the map requires teamwork and there are a lot of choke points it's important to get your mgs to move up with the team and thus hold those choke points.
I'll put in my info about the rocket in kalt.

To me, the rocket is one of the best weapons to open up holes in the opposing factions defense. Next to well placed grenades. The length of Kalt between each corner is far enough to through grenades, however, does not have the precise aim as the rocket. Not to mention it's power and AoE. (Area of effect.)

Sniper vs. Rocket - A sniper can most certainly take out an MG with ease. But what about a sniper's survivability? When looking through the scope, it's hard to notice what's going on when trying to take out a demanding target, such as the MG in kalt. One of the problems that some snipers will find is that hiding places are well in reach of grenades and anyone else's sight. Not to mention for SOME people that the sniper may only take out a few at a time and is forced to move before death on ocassion. The rocket can be almost the same. The exception is the full view other than the rocket itself blocking one's view. Even if the person aiming with the rocket may only prefer to take down one enemy, Kalt is small enough that the rocket will most likely hit multiple targets from the explosion. Even though the secondary weapon has been replaced with pistols in Kalt, chances of survivability are higher for being able to notice ones surroundings with a bit more ease than with a sniper in scope.

People who do well with the rocket know how to kill people other than just pointing and shooting. Seriously, gravity sucks.

On Kalt, I STRONGLY suggest deciding NOT to go where snipers would be. Limiting ones choice of spots to shoot isn't that great because of the speed of the rocket itself. Not to mention it's annoying to find the one holding the rocket when he or she needs ammo.
its not a small map... i was always against kalt because i thought it was small... its not its just too many zig-zags...

thanks for the rocket tactics mann because you know you are the rocket i'm the sniper :D but can't get along well...

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