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Hey i was wondering what the best way to record my gameplay and create a video is. I would like to do a demonstration on a map i made.

A program called FRAPS, it's about 20 bucks I think but maybe you can find it cheaper. I am pretty sure there is a trial for free, but it limits you to about 30 seconds per video you make. So go and google it.
Fraps has a free demo.
Windows has a media gathering program and DOD has an internal recording of stuff. Go to console and type record filename
So that would be "record" space "Filename" when you are done recording type stop.

And go into your DOD source folder and you will see it as a DEM file.
Here is the exact link you want for fraps:

Its a great program, A few things to know:

- It lags the game
- (For me) Froze the game
- In the left corner of the screen there will be a yellow number constantly changing, when you record the number will go red.
- If you game keeps freezing delite fraps and any files to do with it in your DOD folder.
- Make sure you know where the file directory is.
Okay most people have not heard Source CAN record in AVI
1. make sure DOD: S is running in window mode or it'll have a fit (or you dont need to but following steps you want to)
2. type startmovie moviename avi
3. window will pop up saying what codec to use for AVI choose full frames
4. click ok and run around shooting stuff (FYI it will reduce FPS to about 5 - 35 frames as it records but wont see it in video)
5. endmovie in console to end recording
6. play video in WMP if you need the codec for AVI (if using WMP11) i can give you a link for codec package of AVI DIVX XVID and others

optional : if in full screen this is the whole command as is : startmovie moviename.avi

codecs allowed (for full command)known of trying AVI XVID DIVX and MPEG4

another thing if recording online do it in a demo then record demo into a movie offline(or when not in dods) pretty sure it'd work
so record demo,
stop(or w/e command is)
play it in source
startmovie moviename.codec

and tah-dah thats free without needing FRAPS also a good stress test also BE WARNED if on your current settings you do not get atleast 90 fps average on the map you are recording or it will be extremely laggy so tune settings down if need be.

one last thing it makes a big file so you might have to go through to see best compression/quality ratio fits you best

you must have the codecs installed on your comp or it will record in a .raw or for like me divx cause thats all i have for codecs though .avi i do have but cant get it to work right

it can record in FRAPS decompressor but u need fraps or wont record in that
okay i made a perfect recording into a microsoft video 1 codec some what like an AVI but will play in WMP

1 record a demo of it
2 play demo and as its playing startmovie name avi
3 select Microsoft Video 1 with Compression at 100
4 endmovie and stopdemo when done
also dont press the ~ key or it'll mess it up
however 100 makes a 40 second video 1.6 gigs so mess around with it
and 25 does 20 sec at 25 mb but really grainy like
id send the video to show but 1.6 gigs on 56k will never finish before i die a million deaths in dods, :p
well also like i said the higher fps you have the before recording the higher during recording, so smoother when recording and easier to play around with

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