[poll] m1 garand poll

??? about the m1 garand............i find that wen i use it most of the bullets arent registered????? and i want to now how many other ppl seem to have this problem also
LAG aka connectivity Issues, What you see, what the other people see just don't work properly. You may think you are aiming dead on to someone's chest, but the delay reality is, they've already ran past you.
The reason why these posts don't work, is because there is always someone that comments about something completely different then the subject: "Do All Your M1 Garand Bullets Register As Hits...When Your Aimed Right At Someone???????"

Come on people, stay on track, either you use an M1 Garand in DOD or you don't, if you do, answer the man's question. =o)
Ill try and find where I heard of fixing it, but it is something to do with your rates. like cl_cmdrates or whatever. I forgot the exact number, but it helps to sync the hit boxes with movement.

This is the same for Css too
if you are talking about the ava hit boxes that's messed up + why the heck are you using that rifle it totally sucks(i'm gonna get shoveled for this but still)
And what is with those hit boxes can they be made smaller so that you aren't hit when you are like 5 feet away from a wall or doorway, how un-nerving is that when you are on the run and some one shot riflemen picks you off, head shot, when you know you we're scott free away?????
.....most guns do have this but i dont have a connectivity prob even wen i have a ping of like 6 on sum servers it still happens...it might be sum glitch with the game but ehhh no prob u can just fire more ahahahahahah :p
what gets me is when i've got the Kar98 and i turn a corner not paying attention, run into someone who is right in front of me, fire when the gun is practically in their chest, yet somehow the bullet misses because the cross-hairs didnt completely settle, even tho i was right in front of the person :S
I find the garand is a little more accurate than the kar, but I still have a lot of problems with hitting stationary people. Sight will be right on the guy, I'm crouched, he's not moving at all, and 5 rounds miss somehow. It does reg better than the kar though. Iremember one classic instance of bad kar reg..... rocket dude in church tower in ava, standing out in the open, not moving at all. I'm in apartments, see the dude through the window and shoot a round at him. Nothing. Oh well, maybe I moved. I shoot another. Still nothing. This time I crouch, line up, and fire. Nothing. I come out to iron-sight him and I kill him as he rockets me. Yeah... Pretty annoying.

The garand regs better than the kar, but you'll still get the odd sessions where it wont hit the side of a barn.
hah i always have k98 bugs... guy in the mid in ava i can see his head crouch ironsight shoot the guy... result: blood on the helmet(wait what) but 100 health
Kar is more accurate than the garand. Just look at the weapon stats under the class selection page. If you're aiming at a stationary target, ironsight. Aim for the head with the garand and a body shot with the k98. Ironsighting is 100% accurate regardless of distance. Also, you don't have to wait for the ironsight animation to finish. Put your crosshair on the target, mouse2, and when the animation is halfway through, fire.

Something that works pretty well with the garand is the prone ironsight. You just have to pick a good spot then move when you kill a spawn. And, if you use the garand, a and d should be worn off your keyboard.
I see that with all the guns. I will shoot half a clip of BAR into a guy at point blank and he kills me. Then it tells me that I only hit him once! That's a 10% accuracy at point blank. It is either lag, the server tick rate, or the other guy may have high ping. I don't know why it happens, but most of the bullets I shoot out of any weapon except for the Snipers and the unscoped K98 aren't registered.