what would you rather have


if i use the mg i can get really good scores but i like switching to the rifle, it makes me feel like i earn the score i get
Well, it depends on your playstyle. If you have very fast reflexes and a good shot, play sniper or rifleman. If you like to sit and not move and just n00b people that happen to run into your line of fire, play MG.
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anyway ya i feel a good player gets a posotive kdr as assault like me.
hmm well i like using the sniper. it suites me better. at first i played with the mg but i got bored of it. i think its tricky when u play sniper cuz u may loose score. use mg if u wanna bring ur score up though
i cant stand being an mg after if i kill a guy 3 times i'm done its an automatic sniper with unlimited ammo pretty much its too easy
I'f I'm on the Wehrmacht, I use the MG.
If I'm on the US, I use the BAR.

If I had to choose between the two. Hummm, I'd say the BAR, it's more portable in quick situations.
If I had to choose from mg and rifle,I'd choose mg,since I play with it like I play garand-BAD.But I'm a sniper,so I use that.
I would have to say that an mg isnt always about getting kills. The main function of the mg isn't to kill, its to give suppersive fire and a base of fire to flank from. If I had to choose between mg or rifle, I wouldn't know off hand. Many factors like what map, what side, whose on, how is the team doing and all that are major factors for me. If we need flags, I wont be mg and Ill start capping. If we need to hold tight, Ill gladly take an mg and guard. ( Its not camping if you have an objective ;p)

The mg is satsifying (spelling is bad, I know ;p ) to just shoot and shoot and shoot and did I mention shoot? I like using it for teamwork and cover fire and all that. I could care less about my score and kills if it means we win the game then.

Now using rifles are fun because the kill feels more personal. Its not shooting 100000000 shots and hoping a few hit, its taking aim and firing one, two, maybe three shots to kill someone. It gives more satsifaction because you had to aim and move so that you didnt get shot, not camping on a ledge with a bipod.

Sorry if this is hard to understand or doesnt make sense, Im hungover like no other.
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I'm not a very good mg.... Well, I get alot of kills with it, but as far as suppressive fire and the like... Not really. I get bored too quick, and I end up ramboing.
I prefer Support role as you can run around and not get bored. If I see an mg on the floor I'll sometimes pick it up and noob some peeps but I never go for mg class

I fall asleep with the mg and miss easy kills then get sniped
MG is actually entertaining to play when you're constantly on the move (well, as much as you can be i.e. deploy shoot for five seconds, redeploy elsewhere. ) guarding things isn't exactly the best idea anyways, at least for me. However, rifle regardless of side brings out more satisfaction from me since I tend to well... not do well with it.

On another note as another poster mentioned the utility of having an MG, it's fun to surpress fire every now and then or just inspire terror with mass spray and pray.
I play the rifleman exclusively...there is something deeply satisfying about a kill with the M1 or the Mauser. The M1 has that vastly satisfying DING when it runs out of ammo, and the Mauser has the great bolt-action. They are strong, accurate weapons. At medium/long range, I can do very well with these weapons...at short range I do okay, but obviously the SMGs or MGs are better are close range. I just do what I can to keep the range a bit.

I use the MG occasionally to hold a part of the map with suppressive fire...but, remember the rifles have the launchable grenades which are AWESOME for making the enemy fall back a few feet, allowing your team to advance. When used right, the grenades are some of the best tools in the game, I think.
yeah after a few times of going 100-53 with the 30cal I really wanted to start getting good with the m1 since mg isnt open that often, i have been using it latley with good results i just went 63-50 which isnt amazing but im improving, and you guys are right about the satisfacion about a rifle kill

also the m1 is better for close range because of the rate of fire but takes more skill at long range because a second shot is usually needed, and rifle nades are ill

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