[Movie] : Thoughts about 1408?

I saw it last night and to me (Avid Stephen King reader) It was the bset stephen king movie to date. Nothing horrifically scary just a few jumps but they did the short story justice while adding some emotional background (involving his daughter) I always liked John Cusak (don't think I spelled that right..?) and I thought he did a good job showing the guys slow descent into madness. Def check it out.
i saw it last night too......it was pretty good based on the other stephen king movies i have seen. it was not so scary but i liked the madness intro to end.. good overalll movie

ps: still dont think $10.50 is a good movie ticket price :(
i dont really go to the movies at all anymore, to expensive

i totally agree.. thats why i go in and buy a child's ticket from the machine for 4 dollars. u can buy children's tickets with a CC for rated R movies haha.

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