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can be heard at myspace.com/threethirtyeight, and my album can be bought at cafepress.com/ramatheson if you're interested.

I do everything from the production, mastering, arrangement, writing, all the music performance and vocals. It's done in Reason 3.0, Cooleditpro, and a bit of FLS. I use a few different MIDI controllers.

It's experimental noise/industrial stuff.

I also write a lot, and have two poetry books out. I have a novella (80 pages) that is coming soon. My writing page is myspace.com/ramatheson.

Just wanted to share, it's not a spam or anything. :)

Yeah I have a lot of stuff to get out of myself, it's how I stay mentally healthy, being bipolar and all. I've always needed an outlet to stay sane, lol. :)
I have an entire new album which is much better, the first two tracks there are on this unreleased album while the second two are off of Decade Dismantle, my released album. It's basically a concept album dealing with the dissolution of my 11+ year relationship (7 married) that ended in 2005 (legally in 2006).

The new album, Destroying Angle, is another concept album about an old guy that sees a young girl walk by his window one rainy morning on her way to school. He falls into an obsessed state with her, steals her away, and the two fall in "love" until he completely goes crazy and kills her and then himself. Happy stuff, lol...think Natural Born Killers and True Romance I guess. I might put it out someday.

Thanks a ton for listening, those of you that did. :)
nicee.. yeah my band is our final remedy. we haven't recorded yet but are going to really soon. we are heavy/progressive/hardcore i guess.


that is my myspace for really retarded songs i have made. none are serious. rather embarassing actually.

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