There has been some controversy about my name on some servers, becuase its a german swear word, (hasnt been a big problem yet, so i wana stop it from being one), but that wasnt my intention when putting that as my name, thought it was a cool name, and i dont go by the german swear word, because, "bumsen" means "word" in scandinavian...or so i herd, so i just wanted to put this out there, just in case anyone told me to change my name cause i like the name and ive build up a reputation with it and i would love to keep it, sorry if it offends anyone.

- Bumsen
If it happens to be a german curse, then yeah you're gonna have change the name, sorry. If any speaks german and can clear this up that would be great.
well.....if i do change my name, i wouldnt know what to change it to, maybe something with the same ring to it...would it be offensive if i changed it to "Bumzen" instead of "Bumsen"?
if its pronounced the same way, then probably yeah. it wou;d be like saying waat de phok. not spelled the sme, but meaning the same
(sorry to "swear")
if i could get an admin's advice on this that would rock...to clear it up...or if anyone could give me an example for a new name, cause i like mine, but if i have to change it, then ill have to change it
no you dont have to change your name for the website you can change your display name from your settings...

make your name Senbum... :D
I don't even know what Bumsen means =P. But yeah if it is in fact a swear word, you really should change it. I know it can be an inconvenience, but just be like hey guys this is Bumsen or whatever.
ok, just to let you know, my new name is "Fjord".....hope this one isnt a bad word in another language =P......Fjord is a norwegian and means: a long, narrow arm of the sea bordered by steep cliffs: usually formed by glacial erosion =P (the name is kindof an inside thing)