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Just suggestions!

So the fourms are very popular. However, for me, it's hard to find topics that have been bumped all the way back to let's say.... the 6th page. Especially if I can't remember who posted in it. Not only is it hard to find specific threads, it's a bit disorganized with so many mixed topics, in my opinion.

So my suggestion is to create a few more forum sections:

1. Beyond the Bounds - (So I took the name from the forums I used to moderate) - A place where people can discuss topics with actual thought. Not necessarily intellectual discussions, but a place where people can argue or agree with on topics that people would care to debate out.

2. Map Discussion - A place where people can post up what has happened, what they thought, events, or something of the like that is related to the three servers that eGO hold. For example, Rom's Kalt newbie guide.

3. An events section, or announcements. Even though many of the announcements are on the front page, and instead of putting stickies on the next scrimmage, have a section where only moderators can post up next events or eGO's plans and what not.

Sure, some can argue that all these can go in general. But what is exactly general? "Everything" isn't really general discussion. I have a few more ideas but I gots to work again.
i agree with 2/3 but not 1

remember, this is a dod community and thats it. Nothing else, anything that gets off into controversial things are usually locked. also, it probably would lead to looking and treating eachother differently.
I agree with Rocket Chump, but I think it would be a good idea to add a few more categories, like you go to General Discussion,t hent here is like 3 or 4 more categories like Strategies, Fun Times, Off Topic, and like maybe a General DoD talk.
This is already being addressed in eGO forums. Give it some time.