hey guys check out this mod

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this mod is realy cool. its called sourceforts and its for half life 2. its like capture the flag except before u fight u get to build a fort out of blocks using the gravity gun. theres plenty of classses like engineer, scout, sniper, soldier, rocketeer and other stuff. ive been playing it a lot recently and hope u guys get it too!... mainly because i kno nobody on the sourceforts servers and stuff :(. well if u gots half life 2 go download it here:

hope u get it and come play it with me!
Havent played it yet but looks fun.. you havent played HL2 yet pierce? Its a must...
Yeah, plus great environments.
And Ep.1 is cool too, but Im really psyched for Ep.2, portals, and TFC2 all in one pack...
I bought the cs:s, dod:s, and hl:2 deathmatch.
will this work on my version of hl2? and how do i use it once ive downloaded?
I've never played hl2 either pierce, don't feel pressured(besides, is there another way to play source games without hl2?)!

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dark this is a mod for HALF LIFE 2 DEATHMATCH.. so if u dont got half life 2 u can still get it if u got the deathmatch version :) o and its an exe file so it should automatically install into steam
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