drag racing my bike!


Obey your master
Tomorrow I'm riding my bike to a drag strip just outside of New Braunsfels (north of San Antonio) to do some passes. I'm going with my friend Aaron and his Buell XB9R. Should be pretty fun, I've been dying to get some ET times on my bike.

I figure as long as I don't do this I'm good:

Haha. The racing is 100% legal and on a controlled strip. Also I'll be wearing a full racing suit, gauntlet gloves, racing boots, and my Scorpion racing helmet.
stay safe man. GOOD LUCK! I really want a street bike. i dont think my parents would ever approve of that tho.
Made 3 runs before we got rained on. My first run I got off the line well but I missed the shift from 1st to 2nd so I shut it down. My 2nd run was bad, a 12.216 sec pass. My 3rd:

11.554 sec @ 137 MPH.

that was the 1/4 mile i will assume...i ran the 1/4 in 9.119 @147.5 MPH and hit the 1/8 mile in a mind-boggling 6.867 @ 98.8 MPH...on a 2000 Ducati 996R (Euro-spec, race modified, non-street legal bike)
whenever i think of drag racing, i always think of someone being dragged in a net behind a car. probably from that fight scene in Anchorman...good movie