LOL round ending objects


EGO Is My Life!
so on kalt today when allies won all of the sudden an axis turned into a boat. iwas like wtf????? wut is this. baron said it mite be fun mod. pretty funny tho.
O YEAH!, i love to see sandbags and coffee tables running for there lives, and killing a telephone pole was a first for me =P.......and if you stay really still and your the right object, they dont even notice you and just walk on by because you blend into the environment....its funny
Yea I got on kalt just to see wat you guys were talking about...and behold at the end of the round a telephone pole was running around
Yeah I saw a piano bouncing down the road by Allies 2nd on Kalt, i was like wait, does this map have a piano, and are they trying to block...wait it's moving way to fast..LOL!
Yea i was sort of hesitant on what to do when there was a flag moving towards me..... and i was like huh and i shot it and i killed someone lol whose idea was this lol
I now have a new found hatred of potted plants and pianos! Thank you modification for teaching me to shoot everything I possibly can!

You can run magical Wheelcart, but not as fast as my bullets!