All New Team Fortress 2 Trailer!

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A lot of new trailers out this week. Directly from the Leipzig Games Convention, check out trailers for Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Portal and of course . . the spiffy Team Fortress 2. This collection of seven videos were shown at the Leipzig Games Convention all in one Zip File. Zip includes an awesome trailer from Team Fortress 2 outlining the different classes, a Portal trailer showing some more gameplay and 5 different movies of Episode 2 footage. I already know I am going to love being a Scout in Team Fortress 2. Instead of running around like crazy in DOD throwing punches I will be knocking people out with that baseball bat :p

Here is direct link to all newTF2 tralier:

Link to all new seven clip in 1 zip file:

Also, latest trailer for Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is also Availble at Fileplanet. . Some events look prescripted but not prerendered like that Killzone 2 trailer. Clip 13 minutes of high definition footage .

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Download Link:'s-Highway-E3-Demonstration-[13-Minutes]
I don't know about TF2, but I'll definately be getting Hell's Highway; I've been a big fan of the series ever since the first gameplay demonstration of Road to Hill 30 was released. I also just bought Saint's Row for the 360, a pretty sick game that beats GTA in almost every aspect. I'm drooling with anticipation for when F.E.A.R. comes out for the 360, as it's supposedly going to have BETTER A.I. and BETTER multiplayer.
Yeah TF is kind of to cheezy...{geez i hate that word but its the only one i could think of for this} its like an off brand of CS lol, i guess it is fun to play for short pds of time when dod or cs arent getting the job done. Lol glad to see ur happy about it britt!
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