avalanche tactics my way


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ok i could only find one avalanche tactics thread so this is mine. on this thread i will tell you how to do it i do not have screen shots couse i gotta work on geting them on this website not sure how yet.

Allience strategys.
well when you start out chances are you are not going to get middle right away.
you need snipers moving around if you are sniping dont get cot in one spot for long.
send thompsons and bars into apartments for they work well in the small areas of the apartments.you will need some people going thrue church weapon whatever you wish.
have an mg set up above your second flag and other mg where you need it. now for the moving part :).chances are there is an mg above the second flag of the axis take him out and nade middle ofcourse some smokes will help and then you need people runing for the flag ones you capture it get it covered. after that you need an mg set up in the crack in yellow apartments that overlooks the axis second flag take the second flag geting people going thrue basements under the archeway and get people runing thrue church and jumping off the ledge. now after this you need to shoot every axis you boom! headshot :) i have won games doing this it may not work every time but it is effective.
rockets on both teams just need to be where there needed thank you for reading
axis strategys
ok lets start this axis stile.lets start with MG's you need one set up over your second flag and in church or on your sandbags under the archeway.your snipers can not can not stay in one spot for long a dead sniper is useless. the k98k rifle is a very good gun for covering middle it will help ceep your fountain clear and the allys dead.you need to send mp40's and stg44's thrue apartments and church they are very use full there as well as caping the middle.now for the moving part axis stile. taking the middle as an axis will be pretty easy for the most part now what you can do is throw a cupple nades rush get behind the meny rocks and fountains. now if you have apartments under controll for the most part then you should be fine for the most part lol now church key part of axis victory as well as apartments the church will alow you an overlook of the alliences main attack points. so get a rifle and get busy.you will need a stg44 near the allience entrance to church to shoot any who will try to pass if the MGs dont get them. you will need a rifle or a rocket to take out the mgs and snipers that will be on the bridge or over 2nd ones you can put them down throw nades down the road send one person to grab second while the rest of you rush 1st. and you must shoot every ally after you cap 1st its the most importent and fun part.
well thank you for reading my thread i may try and play ava some more and work on defence against most things but these strategys right here should cover it.

get out there and shoot em up ones again i could only find bubbas thread for ava strats.
ava tactics my way


and one thing to make this reply have a point

in the begining the allies usually do have a chance - suppress the Germans with grenades at their enterance below the arch and have a bunch of people rush to cap the middle