Cya =D


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Well guys, it seems to be my time to leave... lol just for a week though. I'm going to Boy Scout Camp in Virginia until like Saturday evening, so I won't be on during that time. Have fun all, and PWN IT UP IN DEM DAR SERVERS YO! =D.
jeez, i though you were done. like, finished with the clan, dont freaking make a title like that!!! >:eek:, anyways, have a nice time
Ummmm, I think it might be Goshen, VA if that is a place. The camp is called Camp Goshen so that would be my guess =P. My dad said it's smack on the western border.
I can see about some pictures, it will have to wait until after Wednesday, because that's when my dad comes, but I can ask him to bring the camera when he does come.
OK guys, I'm heading to bed. I'll see you all in about a week!!!!!! Leave some sexy PM's for me or something lol. Take care everyone =D.