[poll] Home Page or Forums?


EGO Is My Life!
Wondering how many of you read the news....

We work hard on keeping the main news page updated and are wondering if it helps.
news buts not bookmarked its the URL bar saved if thats about the same though, but usually go to news first then forums
I don't have it bookmarked, but I just type it in and tab down and go here a couple times a day, but I do read the news on the front page.
I use the session manager extension in firefox, and eGO is the first tab I have saved o the left, and then my Gmail, and then [link=http://sf0.org/]SF0[/link] . It is a great honor to have your site on the left of my tabs... ;)
I have the Forum Index page bookmark. Always meant to do the News page but I would always read it through links in the forum.

No need for another bookmark.