What other games?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to know what other games everybody else plays?

I play :
- Day of Defeat source
- Counter Strike source
- Grarry's Mod
- Battlefield 2142
- Half Life 2
- half Life 2: Death Match
- Call of Duty
- Star Wars Battlefront 2
- GTA: San Andreas
Day of Defeat: Source. But I used to play WoW and I tried City of Heroes for a little while but ehh, not worth 15 a month IMO. And I tried playing Battlefield 2142 recently (I'm a Major Gold) but now that I put Vista on my computer, Punkbuster decided to be annoying so it doesn't work. Just a tip, NEVER GET VISTA EVAR!!!!! XP IS YOUR FRIEND!!!!!
haha, sounds good.....didnt plan on buying vista any time soon, mostly because i dont wana buy it...lol......the only way that i'd get it if one of my friends gets it, and i reformat to!...hahaha

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