New Sig Requirements

Rogue Sniper

EGO Is My Life!
Since I didnt see a thread or news post about this, I thought I'd take the liberty and time to.

New requirements:
540 x 150 px
500kb or less
No innappropriate text or pictures
And to be hosted on a high speed server a.k.a. ImageShack or Photobucket or Any others like those mentioned

yeah I know I need to change mine I will when I can stop rendering (it'll be a day) and load up Photoshop 7 to edit the size

So its up to you to change the size of your sig or just leave that Sig Removed Image like the one you see where my Sig was
nah im to make it look better i rushed the first version of my sig and my CPU as we speak is 99% (dual core) for blender/yafray and 1% system use (IE, MS Word, Yahoo IM, BitTorrent)
eek! IE, MS Word, Yahoo IM, and BitTorrent... that doesn't sound like background tasks to me... especial MS Word and BT...

And for someone who uses Blender/Yafray... Why in gawds name are you still using IE?
Isn't the signature removed image beautiful? Thanks for posting this - I'll do a formal announcement tomorrow.
to tell you the truth, it does look pretty good, i dont know why, probably becasue it looks professional...naw thats just because the corners are

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