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never go fishing. i went today and it was h e double hockey sticks.where to start...hhhmmm when ever i reeled in my line it broke. this happened 8 times. i had to then get t new hook, bobber and weight plus restring another string!!! and in 8 hrs. i caught nothing although i saw oover 100 bass. and to finish it off i got sun burned to the maximum. hope yall listen to me b4 u learn it the hard way..
reminds me of a Giants vs Padres game I passed on last summer. The game went 12 innings and my sister, her best friend and parents were in the sun with no breeze, upperdeck the whole time. Possibly the best decision I made all year last year NOT to go.
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ouch, thats why i dont go fishing, you need to sit around a lot

And you don't sit around a lot while playing DoD:S?
good one radioactivecheese lol

I love fishing and i am goin next week
gonna catch me sone good all bluefish!! cause the little bugger give you a fight once you hook them!!
I used to go fishing every weekend, but mainly because my dad would force me at that point in time lol.
But I went fishing with my boss, and some of my co-workers a few weeks ago. I took them out to my lakehouse, and went out on my boat. As I was filling up my boat with gas...my co-worker accidentally knocked the gas cap into the water. :(

About an hour after we went tubing..we decided to go fishing in a nice cove. Everyone was using one of my fishing poles, and no one was having any issues until one of my co-workers got snagged, and I let him use my pole until I got his working again..
He said he knew how to use a bait caster..
he obviously didn't.
He casted once, and the entire line automatically bird nested.
So that was a 30 min long headache later on..
So many things went wrong that day..
I am just thankful that I didnt have the jet ski in the water.
Im actually going fishing and boat trip for 4 days, i bought a New rod and some new bait and tackle so i guess ill see how it goes!
i went deep sea fishing like 2 weeks ago. caught liek over a dozen barracudas. they are like ... god long fish. and they're pretty hard to reel in. but yea i love sitting around while fishing. i have alot of patience, i can sit there for 4 hours and fish w/o having to get pissed off or something.
Nicole ,

you reeled in a barracuda?
I am impressed. I am also impressed in the fact that the thing didn't bite your fingers off after you pulled it up lol
I love fishing...you just gotta be a pro like me and baron lol although I dont know if baron is a good fishermen but he seems to love kissing them
Burn maze Burn i am a good fishermen :) ill be taking my camara to take some pictures so i am hoping ill have some good catchs
ill be using live bait for the bluefish my favorite is (Bullhead Minnow )
my uncle and me plan to go friday around 6pm to 10am all night fishing
food //beer///more food///more beer and more beer :)
i love fishing trips! i love fishing
Nicole ,

you reeled in a barracuda?
I am impressed. I am also impressed in the fact that the thing didn't bite your fingers off after you pulled it up lol

when we like pulled it up, we used this like big long hook thing that will puncture into its body and then we'd bring it into the boat. we didnt use our hands
haha. i wasnt saying that you pulled it out of the water with your hands. We usually use a big net..
I have never seen a barracuda in person, but the teeth look really nasty.