I have decided to break down and buy a headset. I am tired of having to bend over to talk into a mic.
Any suggestions of a good headset?

The only thing that I care about are that

-Good quality mic
-The earphones are not the kind that are poofy and cover my entire ears.. For some weird reason I just hate the feeling of that..
DO NOT get the Logitech Gaming one they have now.

I rely on an Internet Chat Headset which is very comfortable and comes in many customizable colors.

X ]]]
hey vicious

that is the EXACT thing that I have right now.
I want a headset though so I do not have to bend over to talk into the mic as I play, and get shot at.
What is wrong with the logitec gaming headset?

And yeah..I will stop by walmart on my lunch break, and check out the headsets they have there. (there is no best buy, or anything like that around here)
I am tired of headsets. The only ones we can afford are Logitech headsets under 50$ and they break with in the first two weeks even if I'm on vacation during that time. Right now the mic on mine works [sortof, I have to yell to get any reception] but the speakers are busted. I really hate logitech.
I am not on a budget, but I do like to save money.
I found some plantronics for $30 that I will order once I get home.

and i usually love logitec. I hated my old logitec keyboard (but that is my fault.. I got angry while on the computer, and smashed my fist into it...but that just shows that it isnt very sturdy)
lol funny... I was under the impression that those picked up sound pretty good. No stooping required... guess you blew that idea out of the water.
speakers goin out in mine, gotta get new ones soon :(

the one seanson linked to looks cool, but 1 speaker -.-. thats gay
The Logitech gaming headset is $50 and wraps your ears with it so that there's noise-canceling capability. I haven't experienced Plantronics firsthand but I can say that Logitech's Chat Headsets are a great value headset with about $30 to spend.

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hey hey, i mentioned that 1 because i didnt know he wasnt on a budget. its all cool, i jost got 1 from target for 15 bucks and its a GE but its pretty bad a$$

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