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well boys and girls we are finally gonna start slavik or blazing get those fraps working....and we need everyone who is going to be in it to sign in this so we can get started.......ip is i will be on xfire pretty much all week... we need to hurry up... me and blazing got a surpise for you guys :D
Are we all going to get in and do individual shots? I'll hit you up on xfire Death........later hopefully tonight.
I'd like to be in this movie, but I'm still a little confused.

1: So you'll be filming this week?
2: Where do you recommend I get xfire? Is there anything else I should know about getting it?
3: Should I use a mic to help communicate?
4: Do I need to completely dedicate myself to this? I probably won't be able to film with you guys for more than an hour or two at a time.

Thanks. Anyways, yeah, I want to be in it.
1. yes ( for next 10 days or so)
2. (free and easy to use, shows people in game and can chat with them)
3. Sure
4. Still doing schedules and rehearsal coming soon, but when time comes we need your dedication....maybe for 2 hours or more.
Thanks Blazing Heat, I'll try and dedicate myself, but I won't be able to do much, I'll more than likely just be a grunt, because I can't guarantee more than an hour of filming time. If I do a simpler part, I can easily be replaced by someone else.
i swear guys, next week, im gonna be on the computer like 24/7, my parents are gonna be outta town...but this week, i might we'll see

but anyways, anybody got the final script ready?
im real close to it: this is kinda just ideas to do

DoD movie script
By: Death
With help of Blazing Heat and Some Slavik Dude

Intro: (in letters) Welcome to the world of EGO

Intro: This video will show you the hearts and minds of the clan EGO

Intro: to start off, what is our motto here at EGO? A simple little sentence……PRIDE IS FOREVER

Intro: This group here is what kept EGO alive for this whole year. The council…..Head Admins and council members: JohnT, Artimus, Kamikaze Tommy, Kendle, Slayr357, and Rashell.

Intro: Now this group is just a few steps below council…the Clan advisers (along with the scrim captains)……Drunken Sailor (scrim captain), Giovanni (also scrim captain), Dan, BigDaddy, Redshift, Dominion, Unfrozen Caveman lawyer, Tech. Sgt. Starbuck, WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA!!!, Vicious*****, Revelations, And Blazing Heat.

Intro: Below them are the full admins….the eGO’s: Noyade, Mr. Orange, SadSack, Elldallan, Lt. Waffle, StringMan, Jesus saves with coupons, Bunnies Love Panties, Shino, Dev, The Flash, Big C. Powell, Big D. Cheney, EliteEnforcer, Inexity, Bane(uk), Outbreak, 1 Adam 12, Exploding Banana, Gah, Pick em up Jones, OneShotOneKill, DyeMatrix, Snake, Efren, Bergen, LanceCriminal, Vengeance, Bigbird,
Bucket, Roto, Wicka Shplicka, BoloVORIX, Deadpool, [zoo] zebra, Ferocious Ferret, Fleur De Lis, Proteos.Fleshleaves, VaderX, Cacto, Shut em down Jones, Razz Ma Tazz,
Trihard, Jimb0_d, Gary Hornwell, Kaos Duse, Z, Food Fight!, Johnny Zero, Masterofpuppets, saOsiN, Baron Rojo, RadioactiveCheese, Crash_Overide, Duggles,
Sassafras, Lt. Wolf, Boojala, Makaveli the Don, Hammer, Korpsmaker, Coldsaw, [Toothpaste]Aquafresh, Blackhawksniper, JutuRna, Splat, Thaiphob, John_Bonham, Some Slavik Dude, Moe, RoM [TR], and ShaneHD.

Intro: and the guys with the scrim champion tag and with limited admin……are the eG’s: Orange Juice, NøRtH´ShøR£, Killer Maximus, Winterfell, Hot Sauce, Cicero, Uber Soldier, Blueflamehead, Pillsbury Doughboy, Forrest Gump, FireCracKer*/pctech4747,
Bucsfan148, Ten Inch Pierogie, DuChInHo_PL, Babyface, Hung, Traino, Death, Lex Memphis, Gen. Wolf, Legend95, Marcus Aurelius, Def, Brick, leathal_injection ,Crazy Horse, Snag, Michigan State, Si|entstrike, Envoy of Death, U-ded, KIDD, S7R1K3R Crimson King, Axx0n N, daMduck, Solid Snake, Timbo, 1 shot, Sgt Stoff, E man, Son of Splat ,Omgooses, Joker, Drejenpha, Cooler King, Mein Kamphy Chair, Afro Samuri Maze Loki, Poached, MiSFiTs , Hamilton, Radlikeu, Viewtiful Naniekso, Corporal Punishment, SadSerious, Luckystrikes, Mister Blonde, Sugafree, Tucknrole, Puppies and Kittens, Chaplain, Mother Puncher, Wanderer, NeoJed, Finch, c0rnfish, Meisster, Cookiefreak, Killa, Awsomeandrw, Kodiak, Broken_System, GardenGroveVW EmoRaiden, and I say the word 'silly'.

Middle: And unlike some other clans, here at EGO we have some rules.
1. Follow the Rules!
2. No Foul, Degrading, or Racist Remarks allowed
3. Do Not Block
4. No Disrespectful Sprays are Allowed
5. No Cheating, Cheat Scripts, Barrier Jumping, Map Exploits or Hacks Of ANY Kind
6. No Arguing with or Impersonating an Admin
7. Do Not Disrupt The Server In Any Way
8. Support the Admins And Other Community Members
9. Use Only One Name While Gaming Here

Middle: If your wish to join EGO. Go to JohnT’s recruitment office, make a new thread, and give your ingame name, your real name, your age, and maybe where you live.

Middle: and the most important thing in EGO is act mature

Middle: Here we have our 3 servers. Avalanche, Donner, and just recently Kalt.

Middle: Here we have some examples of the stuff that goes down in our servers

Middle: show some clips and around the servers

Between middle and end: Baron Rojo against one winged angel (playing one winged music)

End: That is the end of this show…….see you later…..

End: rolls credits

End: Directed by Death and Blazing Heat
Cameramen Blazing Heat, Slavik Dude, and LegendsofChaos
Edited by Death and Blazing Heat
Script by Death
Special thanks to Everyone who helped make this possible( names of people in the server helping)
Wow! That sounds like a lot of work. Luckily for me, I probably won't be in it for more than 25 seconds! And what do you mean by 'Baron rojo against one winged angel'?
well we do have to include that in wouldnt like it if i left you out..would you?
Schedule is something like this...we need to do times that are good for all though:
Tuesday: Script ready
Wednesday: Pm me and John and actors
Thursday:Ava Rehersal
Friday: Anzio rehersal
Saturday: Rehersal and fraps rehersal
Sunday: Edit clip and let's see what it looks like
Monday: Film on ava
Tuesday: Film on anzio
Wednesday: Do edit on clips
umm, im just saying, because,

one- we have a bunch of people
two - a lot may leave this clan,and join so when we look at this later on, its going to be sort of outdated