DoD movie

Death, Blazing, If you see me on XFire (StormShadow26) simply ping me and I can jump in for filming or whatever at ANY long as you see me on Xfire. Ya dig?
who is john? if you mean johnT dont pm him....just me and blazing. and this its more current we'll change it if a lot people leave or something
what do i need to do to help with this XD

i can do sound. i am all sound. give me the music i will edit it to the exact numbers/slides/ EXACT timing

i have such exp in program such as soundforge i have made my own music. and i would love to be in the vid ;D

so what can i do to help.

*** i have some ideas***

maby show a scrim, or stage a nicly done capture where its a major fight. posibly if we get soem lone footage. i would like to be sniping if posisble.

Show how if you want to join =(eGO)= a JohnT's picture someone using Gary's Mod load up CS;S office. and have a Dod doll in front of a desk, then some dolls behind lined up waiting to be recruited.

Give me that photo adn i'll photoshop it so taht it fits our desires. :D

maby as part of the comercial we coudl do

pm me with responsse
so when are we diong this?

if i need to put in sound i need to see the video to see how it matches up ;D

also i could add in other things to it like pro!

im not going to say much until i see it i dont want to ruin the quality of anticipation!

anyway i got great songs in mind for such a video, im excited i have to say to work on it.
i do this stuff if im ever bored or make music sometimes. im not going to let u guys down.

and i know i have to send the soundtrack to you guys. but i need to match it up. thne i think i will send it back to you so you can input it.

maby i will even get the video prog ur using to edit the vid itself to fit. (i will get two copys just in case as a backup ;D)

btw Captain, u have to tell me wich part of the song you like. i youtubed the song i think, and im guessing you either want the orchestral part or rock part?
or is this a remix or something? anyway cool vid. i need to know whicih part you want to bring in as a fight song, so i can edit it into the video as a part taht would seem fitting form transition.

lets do this!

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