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Lately every time i log on to play DoD a pop-up says that my graphics card is out of date. I'm not the smartest guy with computers and i know that mine isn't the best but its only about a year old. Has this been happening to any one else and if so do i need to replace it?
i get the same message and i just ignore it. and you dont have to get a new vid card. its just the drivers are out of date apparantly. if anyone else knows how to solve this let us know. thanks.
i've always had this pop up for Dod but i just recently started gettin it for CSS to, i just ignore it ussually since my games play fine on this computer.
sometimes you dont want to update it (i did and it messed up my pic) and jihad what is that in your sig?
yeah dont worry about that message i got a completly new comp and graphics card about two weeks ago and it says it to me. its probably an error in steam (like there arent enough)
STEAM wants you to check for updates to your drivers. However, their data servers are always behind and request you check for new drivers when ATI or nVIDIA post up a change to their driver page. I once read a Steam update that said for people to check and ignore if not needed. This was like 7 or 8 months back I would say.

It could be affected if you participate in that hardware survey STEAM offers you to do. I dunno about anyone else but I don't. Only rarely.

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