Just a note about Cal

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No offense to anyone that plays CAL but their league reputation is "dirty" as are TOO many of their players. cough (h4x) cough.

Over the years I've banned around a hundred people (give or take) using scripts, exploits, hacks, you name it. All contesting a ban with "I play in cal- w/e" as their defense. All were guilty of one thing or another including just being obnoxious, arrogant and dishonest.
Well i say Southern California because it sounds better. And its way better down here. The air is dirty, the freeways are hell, and we have Hollyweird. Wats not to like about here?
I got accused for hacking on OA the other day and got banned instantly....i think i was like 50-9 not even that great
i thought this was about california... i was gonna show some nor cal love!

same here
You had to bring out the air huh? just cause we got L.A. doesnt mean No. Cal is any better! What do you guys have anyway? San Fran? Oakland? oh yes i went there and oh yes im a Raider Hater! We Got San Diego with some of the most beautiful babes! Long Beach too!
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