Where do you all work?


EGO Zealot
Just curious how many of you actually have jobs... and if you do.... where do you work? :)

I work at '[link=http://www.caseymoving.com/]Casey Moving Systems[/link]' in my home town. Pays pretty decent.
I work at a Sports store in town i get really good pay off the books, pizza every day, soda, chips + snacks, discounts or possibly free stuff .... all in all i got it good lol
I work for T-Mobile, I'm that guy on the phone lol its the best place to work, Seriously! Its soo much fun and the pay is great, not to mention the employee phones....
i work at this restaurant called maxwell silvermand, i wait there but i havnet been workin there alot during the summer, more time for DoD !!!
Im a Janitor for a Co. that owns the apts I live at, so i basically work right outside my door, job is kick-back(xcept mondays cuz we take out trash bins and set them up for garbage truck=/) , its iight, during my one hour lunch breaks i get 2 play dod;), but it does get hot working outside all day:p
I have two jobs. I'm a graduate student and still need to post a resume on monster for a career by fall of 2008. Right now I'm working at my local American Eagle store in the mall and helping out undergrad students on campus at USC.

Good times. Pays really decent and I get to pick my own hours at American Eagle Outfitters since I just was promoted to Assistant Manager.

X ]]]
i work at a movie theater at home. i work mostly days cause i have class at night. i do everything there, projection, box office, concessions, usher. fun job, free movies, previewing movies is a blast cause then you can tell all your friends about them the next day.
student in high school but summer work around town as a laborer/whatever 8 - 15 $ hourly and usually good jobs and cool weather so its perfect