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This thread is for all the musicians and music lovers

Post your bands music or music from bands you love

It is always great to see what your fav eGO members do after pwning, so post your solos and impress everyone!!


This is me just playing around the drums for 30 seconds, hope you like!!!
[link=clicky url][/link] totally want to be this good
[link=clicky url][/link] totally want to be this good

hey death
you have great taste in music lol
I can play that song on expert on guitar hero :) lol.

I saw lamb of god live a year ago. THEY ARE INSANE!!
they do this thing called the wall of death where they split the crowd in half and have each run at each other.

here are two videos of it:
ok does anyone here play drums??? cause i need help on working with my coordination and foot tech.. i seriously would like to get help thanks guys.....i play anything really.. but i listen to death and black and POWER METAL.. guys help me out...thanks..
anyone know george kollias?? if not i think u should chekc him out on myspace.. i think his the greates drummer out there... well for this generation of course.. nothing can beat phil collins... =)

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