Not-So Official Video Gaming Thread


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For all the gamers that play games, other than DoD:S, which involve images on screens.



Its hand painted wooden ball in a cup! Who needs new technology when theres ball in a cup? Mexicos favorite toy for over 340 years! Toss the ball, catch it in the cup! Dump it out, toss it, and catch it again! The ball is on a string and attatched to the cup! So theres no worry if you dont catch the ball in the cup. Cleanup is as easy as catching a ball in a cup! So why spending another day not catching a ball in a cup, when you could be catching a ball in a cup! Ball in a cup, ball in a cup, its ball in a cup!

Read the chat, I totally owned that begger. If you don't get it you haven't been gaming long enough or you never got Diablo II or both.

this is me fightin mike tyson. Hes impossible

they always seem to get that perfect gap in Mike Tyson's teeth =P
[quote1182896431=Blazing Heat]
That's wow? Looks worse than I thought it would....will post screenies tomorrow..(headache right now)

screenshot quality is poor