500 kills, one sitting


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Self Explanatory, methinks. all but the last like 70 were sniper kills. all on axis, on donner.
Nice job lance! The last time I cleared 500 on source donner with the BAR I clocked in just under 4 hours. How long did it take with the scope?

My career high in dods, allied random class, Ava, 5 hours and 2 breaks is so astronomical I wont say. If anyone here hits that number in 5 hours I'd buy them a new monitor or something! Just a hint, my best kill streak that game was 93 straight. Frag'd myself nading the balcony. Pop'd out to throw the nade, hit some guy in the face charging my room. We both ate it and I took my first break lol.

ps I can barely stand playing ava now.
well, most of the points were blocks, ie me demolishing people as they tried to cap... the end i whooped it on with an stg tho. worked pretty well actually.