Outbreaks Animated Avatars! Official Thread


EGO Is My Life!
Hey i make animated avatars through a program called Macromedia Flash FX on my spare time. If anyone comes up with a cool idea, post what you want here.

If you want yourself turned into an animated character in the avatar PM me your picture along with a description.

I am open to all ideas, but i may not like doing certain animations if they are boring or not cool. It takes me about an hour or so to make a video so my spare time should be spent doing something cool at least.
Here are some avatars i have made in the past...

This was mine for a long time. My first one...


I made this for exploding banana.


I made this one when i was bored...


This is my current one


Vote For Pedros, i like this one.


This one is deaths. One of my best so far...


Pillsbury Doughboy's!


Relkin*'s, he has yet to use it :(


Blue Cheese had me make this one lol...


So thats all i have so far. Hope you guys have some good ideas for me!

-OutbreaK 8)
I am transferring all the ones from my old thread. Dont worry i didn't forget im just busy!


Wanderer - for me, how about a guy just wandering about for a little bit then gettin shot in the head! like back and forth across the screen a couple times.


Splat - I'd like one me getting splated.


Drunken Sailor - Id like one Outbreak! Just a guy in a sailor hat loading a rocketlauncher and then aiming it at the screen and then an explosion! Thanks again for my awesome animated sig you made me so long ago!


Rocket Chump - uhh, me shooting a rocket at Drunken Sailor's rocket and him blowing to mars. Yea, in your face


MajorinMurder - umm is it too late to ask? lol anyways if u could make one of someone graduating from college and it says "murder" on it! thank you so much


Vicious - i'll take one!

Profile of a BAR, sorta looking down the barrel, smoke, explosions and a smoke granade kill a player named camper.


Moe - Hey i have a great idea for 1....its a guy twirling a nade by the pin and it comes undone then hes stares then esplodes =D


Corporal Punishment - wud love one with someone just throwing a load of nades, either with an anzio backdrop or kalt. Or no backdrop if that helps. As long as there is an ally blowing up loads of gerries with nades, and there is a bar involved.


Killer Hobo - a naz iwalking around with an mp40 and...(cut to a view of a hobo walkign with a garand) aand the hobo kills him, walks to his dead body, and says, " Gimme that beer!" and then drinks the beer, then it says =(e)= Killerhobo on the bottom..yyeeaaah that would be sweet, pm me if possiblwe. thanks!


Blindsfell - would ove an avatar. if u could get one like in band of brothers. have me pass out smokes to 5 germans who r digging a whole and then me pulling out a bar and shootig them!!!


emo raiden - Outbreak you still doing avatars. Don't have an idea but with my name lol you got plenty of inspiration ^^


A-Team - lol ill take a mr. T owning someone with an mg or somthing


Sergeant Stoff -
Hey OutbreaK, Do you think you could make a guy sneaking up on a german sniper and then shooting him execution style with his pistol.
Thanks Man

Memphis - a guy runs into a room with a bunch of guys, mows em down with an MG42, then pulls out a Monster and pounds it, that'd be AMAZING

Can you make mine where an alied throws a nade into a tiger tank and then you look inside the tank and theres a bunch of explosives. Then it blows up. (Don't care about the map)
If anyone knows this, I let my friend play on donner and kalt...he never answers and uses assault and mg mostly...well anyway, he thinks he is talented and art and dared call these animations bad...I was like....what? He says he can do better....I said not with this program...he said yeah....