Outbreak just got back from a concert!


EGO Is My Life!
Hey I just got back from an amazing concert. It was Red, Breaking Benjamin, and Three Days Grace! It freakin rocked!

I showed up during the end of Red and heard their best song, Breathe into me, then i was waiting in line to get a T shirt, and got a CD signed by all the members of Red. it was awesome.

Then breaking benjamin rocked the house with new and old songs. The lead singer of three Days Grace came out and sang "dance with the devil" for Breaking Benjamin. It was awesome.

Then Three Days Grace came out and totally rocked. they started off with "animal i have become" and it was amazing. Then Breaking benjamins lead singer sang a song for three days grace and they ended the concert with "i hate everything about you" and it was awesome.

I cant wait for the next linkin park concert! July 27th, whos goin with me? its in sacramento, tell me if you are going, we can meet or something. that would be cool!
you know whats gonna rock harder? Ozzy, Lamb of God, Lordi, In This Moment, and 11 other bands for free
nah, but spillman and jorel are here in the LAN room and they told me about it
Pssh doesn't even stand up to my Kelly Clarkson, Bruce Springstein, and Phil Collins concert...its a free one and their playing in my closet...so sweet ^^
nice outbreak..red is awesome...and raiden...lay off the Kelly Clarkson music, its screwing up your mind =P

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