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When I first turn it on after the Manufacturer's page appears I get an error message that tells me that a problem was detected with the hard drive and press enter to continue. I press enter and another DOS screen comes up and tells me to press F4 for setup. Pressing F4 does nothing.

It has an IDE hard drive and is supposed to be running Windows XP Home Edition. I would like to do a full format to this HD and reload Windows.
Open up the boot settings and have it boot from disk first and then find yourself your xp disk and pop that in when you want to format...

but as for your important files try getting a second hardrive and copying the files over by connecting the hardrive to the chain of IDE Cables... then find a program like Ghost ( )
and then possibly take it to someplace to see if they can help you because hard drive problems usually aren't good.
If you're running vista, that might be the problem. Vista was having problems loading the older of my friends two harddrives as the primary.... even though it wasn't. ?

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