Should i uprgade?


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ALright, so a few days becak, i remember seeing a thread about people upgrading their drivers and then not being able to play. However, for the past couple of days, ive been getting the pop-up saying i should from steam, everytime i launch a game. I currently have an ATI 9600 XT. so should i? and one more thing, ive also sometimes have had my program fail and then get a message saying something about a Direct X9.0 problem/internal drive problem.
uhh. its just a little box that shows up after the game crashes. it says something about Direct x 9.0 and thats it, if it happens again, ill copy and paste it here
Yeah, get a screen shot. But this is being reported by many people I believe. Check out the SteamPowered Forums.
If you update your drivers be sure and use the latest wmi drivers and not beta drivers. wmi are the drivers tested and approved by M$ to work properly with direct x. Many folks just pick the newest drivers and not the newest wmi drivers. The newest freqiently work fine but now and then they can be buggy.
updating drivers doesn't always work....a lot of vendors of computers like dell, gateway have the "card" built into the motherboard (cheaper) and release their own version of the video drivers. The manufacturers drivers sometimes won't work or will make things worse. :((