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Alright Guys, now the ants are BACK! YES BACK! AND TODAY ITS 108 DEGREES! AND THE ANTS ARE GOING CRAZYYYY!!!!! i dont want to use pesticides inside the house and my parents are out of town, so WHAT SHOULD I DO!!??!?!?!? these ants are literally EVERYWHERE in my house.

they've comeout of this hole downstairs - yes this little hole - and when i woke up today. they're crawling into the kitchen, into my study room, up the stairs, and into my parents bathroom. And let me tell you, i dont have a small house...Ive put baking soda and cinamon on them, yet they are still just coming back.
If you don’t want to use ant poison in the kitchen, try dusting cinnamon or black pepper around the area where the ants are entering your home. Chalk can also act as a deterrent so draw a line across access points. Alternatively, ants are know to be deterred by mint. Crow it near doorways or place a few crushed leaves in entrances.
I was a t my buddys place the other day and we found hundreds of ants walking along his rock wall so i took out my lighter an roasted a few then my buddy comes back with a blowtorch and torches the whole wall. Not a very practical solution for indoor use but its damn funny haha.
lol its acctualy kinda fun to watch them all run.

if u put something in the way of the trail its funny.

Anyway *cough* (i dont enjoy watching ants as a pasttime or while steam is updating >:| )

folow the trail to a hole or somethign taht they folow. place a poison in the middle of the line near their hole sooner or later they will die out taking the food to their queen.
welcome to summer my friend!, its hard, even the rich n famous get ant in their home, its just the weather climate dude lolz
Put down a cup of Beer or honey, Anything sweet and liquid where the ants are apearing from and they'll be all over it in no time (Not a bad way to do Eh? drowning in beer)
Or you could move to somewere cold like the north pole or if things get too overwhelming just buy an anteater that'll do the trick ;D
haha, thanks geco, what great solutions... lol

and i dont think i really would like to burn my house down, since we now have hardwood floors, although i have burned ants adn even spiders before, and yes it is quite fun...

but yea, thanks food fight, i think your solutio sounds pretty good, im gonna try it, thanks man
KM lol
ok, just get some raid, put it into a super soaker, make urself mad, (maybe break something valuable) and kill those pesky litle ants and take out ur rage :)
well we have ants here and there in our house. like suga said its the climate so we have to stick with it. my mom when it got really really bad like 2 years ago took out everything and sprayed the whole kitchen! now we use the spray very little and some ant traps. you'll always see oe or two around the place afterwards
buy pesticide that have those 6 month guarantees and spray everywhere that you dnt eat off of in and out. along cracks and corners and around your doors and windows. I do this three times a year when seasons change. I havent had bugs inside since. I wiped out a society of rollie pollies and a few ant hills.
Find out where the ant hill is, Hoes it down wait for it to try, spray it with raid.

Can't find the ant hill, check where they could possibly get in put an ant trap there or anywhere on the floor like in corner and stuff where food and materials usually build up.

You will be surprised where they buggers can get into, when i was at my old house, a Queen flying ant got into my window cell (there is a crack in it) and its hollow in side and she had a next there, i didn't notice it till i saw a thousand flying ants all come out at once when i was painting.

so i just went nuts with raid on them and now there all gone!

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