[poll] Vista

yea initially i had reduced graphical performance becasue nvidia didnt have good drivers goin yet but after they good the updates out things are 100% fine. Service pack 1 should be comming out some time after the summer so some of the little bug with the OS in general will be fixed

But definately dont get Vista unless you have a good computer becasue it is more demanding on your machine for sure
None fo the options can say how i feel about vista.. I HATE IT it crashes every 3 hours, Dosnt let you download many things - that are compatable with vista and its been to the shop 3 times and the worst is the safty checks it asks you - Vista genuine check and it has said it is not the four times iv tried it (And i know it is) please enter your vista bar code (The sticker on your computer) no you are wrong, i try again it says no you are wrong then it craches.
If you ask me get allienwere or windows xp This may not happen on everyone elses vistas but i persanoly despise them
What every you have now is proberly better but for my need sits rubbish i suggest allienwere again get the more friendly one thats not only for gamers and iv heard things abotu vista extra but i wound't touch it with a ten foor barge pole
Wow, where do i start?!!

Current Specs :

amd 3800x2 @ 2400mhz
2gb ram

The Good :

Visually Vista is nice, has smooth animations and just "feels" better than xp

The Bad :

Took me about 10 times to finally install barbarian invasion as vista kept giving me some bs error message
Autogk is EXTREMELY slow in vista (at least 64 edition) and thats a big no no for me
my g7 mouse goes retarded every now and then and moves very sluggish
Waaay to many proccess running (50+), think i had 12 or 13 in xp
no flash for ie7 64
ie32 runs EXTREMELY slow
trying to run a google search from my sidebar results in an ie error every time
Finding a free vista64 firewall is like finding a needle in a hay stack

Overall :

Wouldnt recommend this os to my worst enemy, feels like a beta, acts like a beta, will be re-installing xp on friday, perhaps i might go back after the service pack
I <3 Microsoft.

I don't have Vista nor a computer that can handle it. But as soon as I get one I'll get the other.

Office Ultimate 2007 is soooooo sweet.
I have vista and I've been VERY happy with it. The fact that I can get a built in Media Center that can output DTS in a O.S that only costs $135 (Home Premium) is a major feat. I LOVE the fact that windows vista has built in audio codecs. This means I don't have to load in additional drivers (besides video drivers...those I DO want) that will bloat my system. I have found from experience that an increase in audio codecs degrades sound quality. However, I will admit that this depends on the sound equipment that you have. With higher quality speakers you will hear the differences more. Lets not forget that the loading times for Vista are so much faster than xp (at least it was for me). It takes me less than 20 seconds to have my computer running fully. (this means without additional loading that slows down performance...well, at least a NOTICEABLE decrease in performance) Approximately 3 seconds after I sign into my windows account everyting is loaded and ready to roll. Here's my advice: buy the x64 version if you can run it, and INSTALL VISTA FROM SCRATCH!!!
sticking with XP as well... if i need to get a new computer to run the operating system, then no thanks.. (my poor little Samsung Sens P28 wouldn't be able to handle it :()
I'm going to wait for Microsoft to fix all the bugs and get it working perfectly then ill buy an entire new computer for it.
thats what my friends dad told me and hes good with computers. he said that the first to buy are like human gineau pigs then microsoft fixes it and the rest of the people have good vistas. i have vista and i like it other than the fact my comp is 6 years old and can barely run anymore. sometimes it doesnt even turn on!
my friend got an upgrade for his pc with vista and it took him 3 months to get it all fixed up and to get used to the vista crap i would just stick to Windows XP
People still pay for software? wow

downloaded it a month or so ago. Took me 3 days to go back to XP.
Of course, if you asked, Id say Ubuntu all the way
I just got new laptop yesterday with vista on it
i am going to try it out on there and if i like it i will put on my home cpu if not then i will keep xp.
but i know xp and i am not ready to learn new stuff. ;lol

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