Here's your Sig John T

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Jack Rot

hope you like it !shy let me know if you want anything changed.
Wow, thats really cool grim. good job, real good job dude. Keep up the good work, and im really looking foward to those custom sprays with our names in it Mr. and Mrs. Grim
lol...its unique bullet..i cant makeout the image, but the program i use is adobe photoshop 7.0 and as soon as i learn to make flash images in imageready i will be making awesome moving stuff...that wont be for a while
ill make you one, i was just overloaded with other people, 1 at a TIME!!!!! lol, sorry i cant talk to you or anyone much xfire doesnt work on this laptop and my gf is on the main comp mostly...cant wait to get my comp in here ^_^
Called it ^.^

Photoshop FTW

Grimzorz check out [link=hyperlink url][/link] It is a great tutorial site and it should have some tutorials to get ya started when imageready when ya get it :D
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