New best processer

core 2 is good, i have one, but this question really depends on when you ask it, at some times Intel will have the best one, and at some times AMD will have the best one, right now i think the quad cores from either company take it
XPS 710 its for like 5499 bucks but its worth it u get everything up to date its been the best of all for about like 5 months hoping that that isnt 5 and a half Gs ur talking about cause that is rediculous to spend on one computer part. please clarify blaz, thanks.

edit: thats not rediculous, thats absurd.
Best for doing what? The quad cores are nice if you are doing some real number crunching (CAD, Photoshop, Video editing) the C2D is really nice for gaming. I don't think moving to a quad core server processor is the best plan for everyone, despite what Apple would have you belive.
Rouge... I've got an X2 running at 2.8ghz. I can't touch a 1.86 C2D.... I love AMD, but the core 2 duo has AMD whipped for the time being. But like all things intel, it'll get stagnant, useless, too hot, and over priced in good time.
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AMD X2 64 Series FTW!!! they beat intel from what i can see using them compared to intels cpus
[/quote1183021854]Eeerrmm no.

Core 2 Duos and Quads beat the crap out of anything AMD can chrun out at the moment.
Dude have you ever been to newegg evil? you can pick up a C2D, Mobo for LGA775, and 2 gigs of ram for about $500 And assuminng you don't have a complete dog of a computer, that's all you'd need to upgrade.
Considering DoD:S does not benefit a twit from a quad-core yet, I'd have to go with a dual core. Right now, Intels is better. For price and performance, the e6600 is probably the best buy.