Hi everyone at eGO, this is Biscuit and SeraphX, and we've decided to pair up and take free requests for sigs. Just fill out the template, making sure to be extremely specific! We will take some creative liberty on this, unless you give us exactly what you want to happen. Also, we aren't magic men, and may need to make some compromises, or not have things turn out exactly as you expected. Also, we are doing this on our free time, so don't expect us to pull an all-nighter to get it done. It may take several days to finish. That being said, be kind and respect what we have done for you. Uh...yep.

Color Scheme:
Images (links):
Text (links):

Specific instructions:

Also, it would be very helpful to create an extremely rough outline in MS paint to help us with placement.

You can either post your request here, or PM it to one or both of us. If for some reason you would like a specific person to do it for you, just let us know. Thanks!

EDIT: Oh, to the people who already made sig requests, we will get to work on those as soon as I get of my lazy butt...sorry for the wait.
i liek my sig the way it is but if i find a better one i guess i'll take it.
ok if u could make a sig with an axis or ally graduating and taking a degree in to his hand and shaking professers hand and on the degree(thats rolled up) it says MURDER on it.
*sigh*....uh...okay. Uh...lets see. I'm going to evaluate how I would do this out loud. Allied dude with his hand out, shop in a hat and degree, some old guy handing it to him. On some stage with a podium. There won't be enough room to put your name on it without making it extremely small, so I'll just put your name in one of the corners. Oh, also murder, your sig is too big, you should resize before I call the internet police on you, and secondly, what do you want for text? Some bloody red text, perhaps? Pm me for more details. Thanks.
Have you seen my brothers pics? If you think you're up to par, go ahead, take a whack at it. I'll hit you up with a few pose requests and see how you do. PM me for more details, I don't want this thread to get clogged up with non-requests. Thanks!
yours is from Saving Private Ryan tho isn't it para? i was thinking about taking a still from that movie :) but mine still rocks
Can i have one please please please wait is the sig the pic below your reply if it is please make me one that says =(e)=hmssniper please please please thank you
Blaze, fill out the form or no sig for you. Unless you want a white sig with your name in arial black on it. I can't make a sig unless I actually know what you want. BE SPECIFIC. PM me for further details. No PM, no response.
Well here you go hms:


(dun worry biscuit he PM'd me)

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