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Hey guys I am on my family computer right now and i downloaded xfire and installed it but my firewall is blocing me from being able to sign in. It doesn't let xfire connect to server. Can anyone help me out with this? Please and Thankyou :p
You might have to temporarily disable your firewall. Which do you have? I have McAfee Plus.
prob microsofts firewall. go into control panel and turn it off.
Yeah schools use Norton and we always find ways to get around it. Some kids even find out how to not only get around it, but totally disable it lol.
Lol yeah my family computer uses mcafee but i think the windows is blocking it. Im on my computer now so it doesnt matter. Thanks anyway though :)
Heh Norton is "teh suck". Unless you know how to beef it up with tech mumbo jumbo like I do : D But yea add xfire to your firewalls accepted programs list next time your on the other computer, and that will fix it in a jiffy : )
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