[poll] BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA { warning may contain spoilers }


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DUDE THAT FREAKIN MOVIE IS :(( ! Seriously its got a great story, but it is really :(( .
I mean DISNEY is not supposed to have people die! i mean come on disney!
And yes I am the Emotional type, but hey im ok with that and im willing to admit it.
But if you have kids between the ages of about 2-4 and 14 and + they will most likely want to see it again. I'm not gonna say its a must buy like the Chronicles of Riddick, but it is one that you should buy. !sad
i dunno if i'll ever see it... based on the commercials, it looked nothing like the book i read in 5th grade :)p)
I remember reading that book back in 4th grade... it seriously almost made me cry at the end. That good.

The movie doesn't look like it could even compare... too much emphasis on the fluff.
yeah i agree with wakka (not the crying part)but the looks nothing like the movie....and yeah i know who died.....kinda of a dumb way how the person who dies
I havent seen it but I have read the book and yes it is sad. Im 14 too and i read it in 5th grade. Dont really wanna see the movie when spidey 3, pirates 3, and 300 are out!!!

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