[poll] wut instrument do u play?

I used to play violin and piano; now I'm learning to play the guitar and bass. But I'm interested in re-learning the piano again..
ya i started out on piano to learn how to read music. then i went to drums but it got boring after a while. so now i play guitar. and in my band i play bass.
Flute and piano. I started out in grade school with a recorder (it was a requirement in music class) Now in middle school we're finally done with that piece of crap. In 5th grade I started flute, in band, still play it going into 8th grade. I also started piano in 5th grade. My first teacher sucked and never taught me anything. Second one was fine, but I never practiced enough, and after that year she moved. (not because of my, silly!) And lastly my 3rd piano teacher, which I still have, was better. Then, I discovered the not-exactly-vast world of video game music, and actually liked piano. And, my teacher was nice and was fine with it. I played Song of Storms and Clock Town Day 1 from Majora's Mask at the piano recital, lol.
ya on the piano i nvr practiced either. my parents made me play it. on piano i can play everything but my best stuff is beethovens 5th and minuet. on the drums i can do any beat that dosent envolve double kicks. on the guitar i suck but its the funnest instrrument to me. i can only play bar and power chords. and on the bass i can play ANYTHING. I kill at bass and play bass in a garage band (see post)
Ibanez Guitar, here it is...

ive been playing guitar for about 6 years and ive fooled around with my old band playing bass...<<super easy, and the drums a lil, but i dont have the hand foot coordination to play harder stuff on drums, right now though im writing some stuff with my friend and its all acoustic, we have about 6 songs so far
i played guitar a while back and I'm trying to pick it back up. I have a BC Rich Warlock that a friend gave me that's a little beat up but still plays ;) I'm still trying to teach myself more in depth theory before I really start trying to play again because I'm more interested in writing songs that being an amazing performer because that would probably take more time than I have now to do.