For Sale - Sugegstion.....

IMHO selling stuff here might not be such a good idea. Say I sell a clan mate some memory, graphics card.... whatever....

Member pays what I ask... finds out a week later it could have been purchased for half the price on eBay. Clam mate gets mad, calls me nasty names, leaves clan and possibly takes a few friends with him.

Or... same scenario... two weeks after I sell my clan mate something it breaks.. or even worse he breaks it while installing it and wants his money back though I know when I sent it it was in good working order.

This just all has the potential to go badly. So.. my suggestion. We use eBay to sell our old bits and continue to sit around the old campfire together sing songs, shoot each other in the head and blow each other up like one big happy clan.

just my two cents...
Scragg..I deal with this kinda crap ALL THE TIME. Don't worry....unless you sold him something bad....he has nothing more to say.

Rule of thumb is - Stuff is always cheaper the next day. Most people are impulse buyers anyways....screw him and the members who left.
well, if its a clan mate, he ought to be mature huh? so he should understand that maybe something happened in shipping or anything on the way to him.

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