car audio

Does anyone know a lot about it?
I want to get some new speakers, and a sub installed in my BMW.
I have no idea what to get.
what brands?
what amps?
what wires?

I know that I want just a little bass to make my music sound better.. I do not want it to be so loud for people across the stoplight to be able to hear me.
go for the Alpine Type-S for the interior speakers and tweeters,good clean sound. and for the subs go either JL Audio of Pioneer. I have two 12'' Pioneer subs and they are nice quality. i have a 2400 watt Power Acoustic amp and thats plenty, got it for $300 on Amazon. Not sure on the wires
as wires go, they're all pretty much the same so id say if you can find a wire kit for like 20 bucks id buy for amps i just bought an MTX thunder 600xd, which has a lot of power, and if i were you id go with someting smaller but either kicker or mtx make great amps. As far as Subs go since youre not really looking for a huge amount of loudness, id go with some older JL audios or alpines, although alpines can be quite good luck and shop around alot until you find exactly what you want
JL audio dude!!! ive broken into sooo many cars that have had the amps and subwoofers and whole boxes(my hoodlum dayz), they expensive, and very powerful!
JL audio dude!!!..... they expensive, and very powerful!

that is the issue
they are expensive lol
yeah JL is pretty expensive, but if you go on ebay or other sites you can usually find good deals on them, cuz they last a looooooong time, i had my 2 12" JL w4's for 2 years before i sold them, and they still hit like they were brand new, right now im looking for a sub or two to match up to my MTX luck so far, ive blown 3 subs already :(