What about my new sig?

For how long it took you, it's not bad. I'm not sure about the map, but otherwise it's fine. Average, maybe a little above average posing, may be better, but I can't really tell. Nice work.
Personally i thought the character of the map fitted in very well with the theme of DoD becasue of the architecture etc etc. At the end of the day I realyl dont think it matters as its hardly supposed to be a game screenshot.

Like come on there is a convoy of vehicals, its not red orchestra lol

(on a side not the best DoD related gmod pictures ive seenw as made on Chateau http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:De_chateau0005.jpg :p)
How do you get a shot like that where hes eather shooting someone in the head or your shooting him in the head or your useing g mod skills :D very nice over all though.
Heavy_Weapons - To get the blood use an emitter set to blood and then use the render color toold to make the actual emitter invisible by setting all the colors to zero. Then just time your screenshot to catch the blood squirting. There is probably a much better way to do it but in my simple ways its the only way ive discovered to do it lol
wow i have no idea wha t ur talking about and nice job jimbo. i think everything fits perfectly other then whos shooting the character but that doesnt matter, what matters is in ur heart
lol sorta jking
Jimbo, actually, when you switch to the camera tool or anything but the phys gun it disappears, but it takes a little bit to fade.

EDIT: Actually, groundrunner said it first.

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