Outbreaks Computer Area/ NINTENDO PC!!!


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soo under Gaming rigs, none of you believed me that i was making a NES PC. Well i am and here are some pics of it....

First, here is my computer desk


Here you can clearly see two original Nintendo Consoles on my desk...


Here is a collection of games and controllers for the NES. plus my psp games


Here you can see how i keep up such a high post count. Edge Gamers on both comps at the same time. Twice the postin...


This is the outside of my NES PC. It looks stock, but not quite...


Here it is opened up. I have my mini ITX mobo in there along with the hardrive on the left. its a laptop HDD, 100 gb. The right is a bunch of switches and fans for it. I only need my ram, cd drive and power supply, and i am ready to go...


Oh here is my guitar, i keep it close at hand near my computer. You can see the tower underneath and the amp to the left.


This is behind me to the left, a table full of old scrap computers. always tinkering around with stuff like that.


And here is my view to the right. A gorgeous lake that i just got done wakeboarding on today!


Well thats it for now. I will keep you posted on my progress with the nes pc! 8)
lol 1 pci or agp? slot and 1 ram slot hopefully it can play games better than the nes could when your done with it
Yeah the specs on the NES computer are as follows:

2.0 ghz processor.
1 gb. ddr2 RAM
100 gb. HDD
CD/RW DVD rom drive.

NES PORT-USB adapter cables so i can use the original controllers.

so i may be able to play DOD on it. I will keep you posted...
The real question is....can you still play duck hunt on it?


im suprised at those specs for that small thing

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