( . Y . ) clan tag

( . Y . ) is the clan tag of the Buxom Bombshells. We have been a clan for 6 plus years ( 2001 ).

We had an issue with the tag as one of our clanmates was asked to remove it. As head of the Bombshells, I got in touch with eGO's Council. We are a mature family oriented clan. Many of your clans veterans have played on our servers over the years as well as an off shoot clan made up of current and former Bombshells. The are called {HK} Hells Kitchen.

As I told the eGO Council, our tag is not meant to be offensive. We picked the tag and the use of WWII pin-ups names to distinguish us from other clans. JohnT pm'd me back and I posted his response in our members section. My clanmates were moved by the response and happy to know that the dod community is still thriving and there are great clans like yours still around.

=(eGO)= definately has our highest respect. Keep up the great work.

Your brother in arms.
Thats all cool with me. Its kinda a don't judge a book by its cover type deal. Thanks for clearing it all up. We have to stick together in are efforts to keep DOD alive and thriving. Don't be a stranger to the forums.
i wish everyone would see this though(admins mostly). bc then they would understand not to kick/ban the bombshell members. great u cleared things up Lida =D
I’ll tell yea, it’s nice to know we haven’t all fallen way of the Dodo. So many have shot down DOD source however it’s clearly working here, that’s obvious.

Cheers gentlemen and thanks for the warm welcome.
Source came around before people were ready for it. If you didn't have a 300 dollar video card and 1 gig of ram, and a high end P4 you were going to hate Source.

1 and 1/2 years later, everyone has a decent rig with a decent vid card and plenty of ram.

And we had to contend with PFA. PFA ruined a lot of games. It's evil i tell you EEEEEEEEVIL!