Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War: Dark Crusade


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Any of you guys play this? I have been looking for people to play because the game just plays so well. I am not the best, cause I'm not so used to the mechanics yet, but a skirmish would be fun!
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I play Dawn of War and COH, I could get dark crusade. I only just got DOW so I'll get the expansion when I've completed it.

i have all 3 games, but i did the stupid thing and started playing them in reverse order, so now, when I play the older ones, I get disappointed cause I can't zoom in as much and whatever else haha
yeah i play the table top one and what army do you have winged?

Tau are cool, but I like the Imperial Guard

The game is way more sci fi than the table top, (or so I heard)...sooo
I played DC and beat it. It's the best of the DoW games with a lot of cool fixtures. Example being that whenever you invest into infiltration, the men remain forever stealthed. I also play the tabletop game. I have three armies, which are the Space Marine Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, and the Orks.
yeah company of heroes is the business. Lurv it,

There's a particular mission I like when you capture a town from the Gerry's and then you have to protect it from a counter attack.

Mines, sandbags, barbed wire, mg emplacements.

Cooleo that was