Putting your PC to sleep????

OK does anyone else have this problem?

here it goes:

Every time i just want to put my PC to sleep, it would sit there for 30seconds or a minute and then just turn on again. I dont touch the PC at all and im jsut observing this as it happens.

Is it at all my Lazer mouse ( Razer Copperhead Mouse ), THis has happend even with my Previous lazer mouse too.

Could anyone help me with my PC I want it to stay asleep until i physically touch it.
sometimes a mouse canmove by itself, not physically, but my dads somtimes has the cursor on his screeen move, and he had the same problem, try using a different mouse
dont even use sleep, just turn off your monitor.

thats what i do, works fine
Alternatively you can go into power options and just have your monitor turn itself off after x minutes being idle (5 minutes here).
Yeah instead of putting it into sleep just underclock your GPU and CPU with a special mode turn the fans on low so it doesn't pull much energy or work them too much and just turn off your monitor. Thats what I do. :)
hey i think u could just use the standy by mode go to control panel>power option>(tab) Schemes > Stand by i just set that to 3 mins when im about to leave someone where

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