OutbreaK's Artistic PHENOMINOM!


EGO Is My Life!
Comming soon, im workin on it right now. You council members will like it most of all. :)

Thought i would leave you hangin too JohnT, just like how you've been doing to us all week!

-OutbreaK 8)
=(e)=hmssniper[BETA]: ok so back to what your going to do
=(e)=hmssniper[BETA]: is it like a banner or something?
OutbreaK: haha cant say
OutbreaK: its a surprise!
=(e)=hmssniper[BETA]: o come on
OutbreaK: almost done though
=(e)=hmssniper[BETA]: pleaseeeee
=(e)=hmssniper[BETA]: just me
OutbreaK: lol ok
OutbreaK: what im doing is...
OutbreaK: super secret and cant be told to anyone
=(e)=hmssniper[BETA]: hahahahaahahahahahahahahaahaha
=(e)=hmssniper[BETA]: dude you made me feel so much better
OutbreaK: good
OutbreaK: but that wont buy you a ticket to surprise town
=(e)=hmssniper[BETA]: lol
=(e)=hmssniper[BETA]: o come on
=(e)=hmssniper[BETA]: just me
=(e)=hmssniper[BETA]: pleaseeee
OutbreaK: no way

haha just wait...
I bet...its...hey look a squirrel

lol i laughed my head off when i read tha... hey look a butterfly!
sry to make ur life hell but im gonna ask that my avatar layout be changed. i would like to have my avatar with a blind guy betting lost and then falling off a cliff(hence the name blind s fell) thanks. again sry for changing it on ya!