Amazing yet educational video

I completely disregard my last comment lol. After i posted that i watched the whole thing. It is an amazing video and i recommend everyone watch it...
and they cant get rid of him because he is in a postion that he cant be out voted and his dad was the presidant...but no one else could be he will be in charge untill he dies
my god its so amazing that they are cut off that much from the world. i started watching it and couldn't stop. I glanced once and it was 5min into in and i glanced again and boom half over, its just intriging.
i watched the whole to my brother's displeasure. i just couldn't stop. when you watch a movie or something really good you lose track of time sooooo easy. I wonder if the NK's have watched it yet.
I bet they have....I went to school with a guy in the NV army. He was constantly in contact back home to his superiors. They knew everything we did through him. Sure was fun to be on a project with him. Interesting life. After school, he went home a hero, overcoming the americans and stealing our technology. :D

Oh well, cest la Funny thing was....he was on a full scholarship paid for by the american university we attended.

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